Microsoft Edge Annoyance: Disable "Mini Menu" on Text Selection

December 17, 2021 by Steven Ng

As is Microsoft's habit, they recently snuck in a feature called a "mini menu" into their Edge browser.

Instead of telling me about the feature and letting me decide whether to enable it, it's enabled by default, because as you know, Microsoft read my mind and knew that's what I obviously wanted.

The feature, in a nutshell, pops up a menu with a vertical ellipsis when you select some text, and in my opinion, really breaks the user experience, especially when using a web application (as opposed to a web site). It introduces unnecessary and unwanted friction if you are even remotely a power user.

Fortunately, you can turn it off.

To turn it off, go to your Edge Settings > Appearance (you can use the url edge://settings/appearance to jump there quickly), and scroll down to the Context Menus section. In the subsection Mini menu on text selection set the switch to the off position for Show mini menu when selecting text.

If you sorta like the feature, you can blacklist sites, but honestly, you're probably better off turning the feature off altogether.

Once again, thanks, Microsoft!

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