Housekeeping: Site Updates

November 25, 2021 by Steven Ng

Just some housekeeping notes related to the site that are neither here nor there.

I've moved the site off Github Pages recently, as I did a very minor rewrite of the site, and changed it from a static site to one that requires an actual server. As part of the site refresh, I have finally made the site responsive as it relates to phone screens. It's not as though the site was not readable on small screens before, but it is much better now.

I also recently dropped Google Analytics from the site as well. I never really looked at the stats, and I realized that I'm not that interested in maximizing my audience. I know my audience is microscopic, and overanalyzing what my SEO options are is frankly not a good use of my time. I'm not saying I won't revisit this in the future, but right now, analytics are off the table.

What this means is that on the main domain ( and, no cookies are dropped into your browser. If I have embedded a video from YouTube, you might end up with some cookies for that.

While I currently don't have any applications running on any subdomains (e.g.,, some of those applications may use cookies, but each of those applications will have their own privacy and cookie policy as required.

Because they are subdomains, you will see cookies under the * in your browser.

Also, I have updated content in the Articles section, including adding one for Svelte/SvelteKit resources.

Now that I have a content management system set up, I'm hoping it will result in more frequent posts, but I'm not making any promises there. Better to manage your expectations, right?